Available Hollister Ranch Properties

updated November 2015


List of Available Parcels For Sale*

  1. *Please call to inquire about our pocket listings that might not appear below.  Ownership interests are undivided interests in the land, subject to a co-ownership agreement (except full parcels).  Click here to learn more.

Starting at $485,000 - 1/12th interests available throughout the year.  These move quickly. - Call Rick for details.

Parcel 43 - Options Available for Purchase

$ 2,895,000 - 2/3 Interest with Approved Main & Guest House Building Sites

$ CALL FOR PRICE  -1/3 Interest with Approved Guest House Building Site

$ CALL FOR PRICE  -1/3 Interest with Approved Main House Building Site

Parcel 127

$ 1,475,000 - 1/3 Interest with Approved Main House Building Rights; New Home Designed for Parcel

Sample of Recently Sold Parcels

Please call to discuss many other HR parcels that have recently sold.

2015:  Parcel 118 - Guest House Site.  2014:  Parcel 117 - 1/3 interest with existing guest house, Parcel 15 - 1/3 interest w/ 2-bed, 2-bath homeParcel 98 - 1/3 interest w/ houseParcel 94 - 1/3 interest w/ main house ownership, Parcel 51 - 1/3 interest w/ barn and employee building rights, Parcel 17 - 1/3 interest w/ employee house building rights, Parcel 123 - 1/3 interest w/ no building rights, Parcel 60 - 1/3 interest w/ employee house building rights, Parcel 17 - 1/3 interest w/ guest house building rights

Rental Properties Available on the Hollister Ranch

Sawyer Real Estate provides our clients with full-service property management.  Please call to learn of other homes available for rent on the Hollister Ranch that might not be listed below.  Rental of a Hollister Ranch home is limited to Hollister Ranch Owners, and access to the Hollister Ranch is limited to owners and their guests only.  Please call (805) 967-0764 for details and availability of rental properties.

Oceanfront Mexico Surf Rental Villa offered by us...

“Casa Aguas Vivas” Villa, Punta de Mita, Mexico

Excellent property for rent on the coast just north of Puerto Vallarta, and south of the famed Four Seasons Punta Mita resort.  Four bedroom villa is situated directly in front of the best surf break.  Designed and managed by a Hollister Ranch owner.

Click on photo.  Call Rick for details.

Map detailing HR parcel numbers.  All parcels are between 100-120 acres.