Available Hollister Ranch Properties


List of Available Parcels For Sale*

  1. *Please call to inquire about our pocket listings that might not appear below.  Ownership interests are undivided interests in the land, subject to a co-ownership agreement (except full parcels).  Click here to learn more.

Starting at $485,000 - 1/12th interests available throughout the year.  These move quickly. - Call Rick for details.

As of September 5, 2017:

Interests in 100+ undivided interests

Parcel 107 - Full Front Parcel - Call Rick - Parcel Website

Parcel 121 - Full Parcel w/ Main House - $27,000,000

Parcel 108 - Full Parcel w/ Main & Guest Houses - $15,000,000

Parcel 132 - 1/3 Interest w/ Main House w/ options - $5,395,000

Parcel 133 - 1/3 Interest w/ Main House - $3,650,000

Parcel 5 - 1/12 Interest - $630,000

Call Rick for photos and access to private parcel pages.

Rental Properties Available on the Hollister Ranch

Sawyer Real Estate provides our clients with full-service property management.  Please call to learn of other homes available for rent on the Hollister Ranch that might not be listed below.  Rental of a Hollister Ranch home is limited to Hollister Ranch Owners, and access to the Hollister Ranch is limited to owners and their guests only.  Please call (805) 967-0764 for details and availability of rental properties.

Map detailing HR parcel numbers.  All parcels are between 100-120 acres.